The Tech3 Team was created in 1989 to participate in world championship motorcycle racing and has successfully gone on to work several different elite manufacturers such as Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki. In addition, the team has joined forces with numerous professional riders, with a highlight of winning the 250 cc World title in 2000 with French rider Olivier Jacque. 

Since then, the team has been fully committed to the MotoGP class, the two wheeled equivalent to Formula one and the pinnacle of global motorcycle racing where Team Tech3 has achieved many podiums and successes.


Our workshop is equipped with specialist tools such as a lathe, a milling machine for the manufacture of parts and a TIG welding machine. In addition, we also have a dry sandblaster to renovate and clean different components. Our engine test bench allows us to analyse and hone the engines after reassembly. In the sheet metal workshop, we use an English wheel, reciprocating hammer, a shear and bending to manufacture or create other aluminium parts. 

Key personnel

Guy Coulon and Laurent Ducloyer are both well-known mechanics in the world motorcycle racing scene and have a high level of experience. They will be the two key contacts for your Tech3 Classic interaction. Guy Coulon is the creator of the Mistral 610 Moto2 motorcycle, which has made the podium on many occasions in the highly competitive intermediate class. In addition, he is the architect of some notable personal achievements including the unique projects, a six-cylinder 300 cm3 and a V4 990 cm3 engine. Laurent Ducloyer has worked in the MotoGP series for the Monster Yamaha Tech3 Team for 14 years and is a fully reputable mechanic with a huge range of capabilities in all forms of motorcycle. With the skills and networking, Guy and Laurent will ensure the work on your special machine will be to a professional standard, whatever your requirements.

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