Team Tech3 is well known in the premier class of global motorcycle racing and has operated at the top for almost 25 years whilst obtaining many successes. This year, the team will embark on a new and exciting adventure under the name "Tech3 Classic" in which we proudly offer the services of restoring and maintaining your classic motorcycle to a professional standard. 

Are you the owner of a historic or a former running machine which requires adjustments or redevelopments? Based on our experience in the motorcycle industry, as well as the high reputation of the self made components by Tech3 (which have generated a large network of clients), we are pleased to be able to offer you our expertise. Tech3 Classic can accommodate any need and can provide a full range of options depending on your budget and desires, so that you can enjoy your beloved machine to itÕs full potential with no concerns at all. 

Due to the large collection of specialised equipment in our workshop, we are able to undertake any task from simple maintenance, to complete restorations as well as locating original parts or even manufacturing components such as pistons, crankcases, crank shafts.

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